MOUNT FRONSAC - Lead, Zinc, Copper


65km WSW of Bathurst, in the province of New Brunswick.


Mt Fronsac 31 claims under option to Xstrata Canada Corporation, formerly Falconbridge/Noranda.


The Tetagouche group in Bathurst Camp hosts more than 30 base metal sulphide deposits. Mt Fronsac contains a deposit of disseminated sulphides, with lenses of massive sulphides, over 800m.


The Bathurst camp is underlain by Cambro-Ordivician rocks of the Miramichi and Tetagouche Groups. Mineralisation is usually at the contact of the Nepisiguit formation commonly associated with Iron Fm and within phyllitic units along the Tetagouche-Miramichi contact.


Since 1957, a number of companies including Texas Gulf, Umex and Conwest have conducted geophysical surveys and drill campaigns on Mt Fronsac. Xstrata optioned the property in 1999 and has since conducted exploration programmes including geophysics and diamond drilling.


Xstrata considers that there is exploration potential in the massive sulphide structure in the NW corner of the Mt Fronsac property.